Portable Fishing Gear

  • Wormy™ is a special fishing equipment made of stainless steel spring. It hardly adds up to 25 cm when packed, so it can be taken along anywhere. Due to the fact that it is made of materials absolutely resistant to damages, it can be transported even on survival tours or raftings.
  • Its materials guarantee special durability for usage both in salt water and freshwater. It is exclusively produced from hardwood and metal, such as steamed oak or teak, aluminium and steel. We don’t use plastics!
  • Its sensitivity is equal to a fishing rod’s with a length of about 200cm. You can cast your bait at surprising distances with Wormy™  thanks to the spring solution working as a catapult.
  • Undoubtedly, Wormy™ is the best choice when going on survival tours, trekkings, kayak fishing and many other leisure time activities. You no longer need to have the expensive and vulnarable graphite or ensemble fishing rods, neither the ones equipped with telescope.
  • You can definitely select the one best suiting your favourite fishing method from amongst our springs with different size and sensitivity.